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Aegis: "EasyShare has a huge business benefit to us"


Best Intranet in 2014 - Awarded best intranet in 2014 by the Institute of Internal Communication.

The Challenge 

Dentsu Aegis Network is a large, global media and digital communications group with five operating companies in five continents, 20 countries, all 24 time zones and 37,000 employees. Following their take over by Dentsu Inc, Japan’s largest advertising group, combined with their own organic growth and acquisitions, they doubled in size. To support this growth and to globalise their business, they needed to work better together, communicate across their companies more effectively and bring their staff together to leverage the skills, competencies and best practices of their people worldwide.

There were several critical issues that needed to be addressed to meet these goals including:

  • The companies were frequently siloed by brand or by the market – staff associated more with their clients than with Aegis

  • They had 15 intranets that were ineffective and underused

  • They have smart, visionary thinkers, but their expertise was not being tapped

  • Their people are time-pressed and work across several accounts

Dentsu Aegis Network wanted to create a new central, global hub – an internal social network – for their people to work smarter and more effectively in one online environment. With this intranet, they were looking to revolutionise the way Aegis’s people locate and communicate with one another and how they find, share and contribute information, innovation and best practice. They needed it to reflect and be consistent with the branding across all the companies. They needed it to be social and mobile for their Millennial audiences and work across all platforms, browsers and devices. They also needed a system that could accommodate multiple languages with Aegis’s staff and stakeholders being engaged and taking ownership of their respective areas of the site. Finally, there were many technical requirements that needed to be met across performance, systems integration, support and security.

Most importantly, they wanted it all delivered within 6 months when this type of project would normally take 12-18 months.


The Solution 

We implemented EasyShare for Dentsu Aegis Network creating a world-class SharePoint intranet. Although they had explored using a custom-built intranet solution they found that EasyShare’s pre-built SharePoint solution not only met all their requirements but also went well beyond.

​Dentsu Aegis Network was able to create a globally integrated intranet with five unique brands, working with ClerksWell, one of EasyShare’s design and services partners. The solution allows for central, company-specific, regional and network communications and collaboration. Using EasyShare’s flexible branding platform, ClerksWell created each company’s area on the global intranet in the style, colours and fonts that reflected each company’s brand.

​Dentsu Aegis Network utilised the social and collaboration features, such as news, newsfeeds, video and document archives, following, liking and team sites. The solution also allowed them to serve personalised, relevant content to individual users using audience segmentation.

​Impressively, the solution was installed instantly and took only 4 months to launch the pilot, which allowed Aegis to utilise a roll-out approach by region and company in order to develop content, ensure governance and a strong launch and encourage adoption.


The Outcome 

Overall, the intranet was widely adopted and used. The initial response and adoption across the companies has been very positive, and a high level of engagement is reflected in the initial metrics after only two months:

  • The number of visits increased 3x

  • The pages per visit were high with one company averaging 19 pages per visit

  • Users would spend significant time on the site, with an average of 7 minutes

  • The bounce rate was low as many users went beyond the first page

  • 495 new articles had been uploaded

The numbers aren’t the whole story though. Senior management has been using the intranet and encouraging staff to do the same as they have seen the value EasyShare has brought to them and their business. The design has been readily accepted across the board – even by their highly talented digital designers who have historically been critical of similar ventures.

The bottom line: EasyShare exceeded all expectations and was readily adopted, and the project from kick-off to pilot was completed in only 4 months.

Mobile and Desktop views
Mobile and Desktop views